Sparlha Swaby, MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  #86285.

All sessions virtual only.

510 863 GROW (4769)


Sparlha Swaby


I am *not* currently accepting new clients but will update this when I have an opening.  


We can't always figure things out on our own. Sometimes we need something more or someone else to help us through the impasse, over the mountain, out of the stuck place. Sometimes we need a compassionate, non-judgmental mirror to help us see our blind spots, to go with us into the difficult places that may be too challenging to enter alone. Psychotherapy can provide a safe place to look at ourselves and at our relationships, to break patterns, deepen self-understanding, and ultimately to cultivate freedom, joy, and aliveness.


The process of transformation takes place over time, within the context of an attuned caring relationship. Psychotherapy is a journey into deeper knowing of ourselves and allowing ourselves to be truly known by another. The more we understand our inner motivations, longings, and needs, the easier it becomes to naturally evolve. Awareness is always the precursor to change.


As a psychotherapist I strongly believe we are all fundamentally guided by an intrinsic impulse towards growth. Therapy is one of the ways we care for our souls, one of the ways we answer the call to come back to the truth about ourselves, to be who we really are.