Sparlha Swaby

About Me

Education & Experience

MA in Counseling Psychology

California Institute of Integral Studies

BA in Anthropology

Stanford University

Three Year Training

Women's Therapy Center

Ron Brown Scholar


Who I Am* 

I am a Jamaican-American woman who grew up between the Caribbean, New York and California. I graduated with a BA in Anthropology from Stanford University with a focus on Spiritual Ecology (the relationship between humans, nature and spirit).

A singer and a poet, I was a full time singer-songwriter and performing artist for many years before starting on the path to becoming a psychotherapist. 

I received a MA in Integral Counseling Psychology at CIIS and completed a three year training program in psychodynamic and relational psychotherapy at the Women's Therapy Center.

Practicing insight meditation for the last 10+ years, I continue to find great wisdom in the Dharma, as well as in Afro-Diasporic spiritual traditions.

All the ways we connect with spirit are of interest to me. 

All the ways we make meaning from our life stories are of interest to me.